Placing bamboo sticks

A common activity is the sticking of sticks. This can be done manually or mechanically during oculations. For spindles and trees with our bamboosticks placing machine. Using water pressure, the lance is pushed into the ground, after which the stick can easily be inserted into the hole. Our bamboosticks placing machine does not damage the roots. The machine can also be used in dry times as watering for the trees. The machine has a capacity up to a stick diameter of 4cm and up to to 7 m. long.

  • in order to provide our customers with the best possible service, several machines can be used
  • accurate positioning
  • tracks
  • water pressure injections
  • nice round, deep holes
  • up to 7 meters long
  • complete service


We prune in autumn as well as in winter. In autumn we prune many annual plants or annual spindles. In winter we prune the perennial trees in crown shape. In addition to the normal crown shape, special shapes can also be pruned. It is also possible to use aerial work platforms. More information about pruning larger trees or special projects can be found here

  • pruning of avenue trees
  • pruning in the tree nursery

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