I'm busy how to get everything pruned in time, right? How do I prune these trees? How should I prune that big tree in my garden? Are these questions known to you?

G&M has ten professionals who know exactly how to prune a tree. Thanks to many years of experience and interest in tree nursery, G&M has a great knowledge of trees.

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special pruning
special pruning trees
special pruning tree
special pruning lane of trees
special pruning avenue trees
special pruning trees in a row
special pruning garden

"Pruning makes it grow"

At G&M, we attach great value to pruning trees, regardless of whether the tree is old or very young. The trees in our nursery are pruned annually. Our customers are very satisfied and happy when we help them with the annual pruning of all trees. Even after planting a tree, pruning is very important, no matter how big the tree is. When a tree is grubbed up, the root system is approximately 50% smaller. It is important that the tree is brought back to a natural equilibrium. We do this by neatly pruning the crown (branches) of a tree in a beautiful natural shape.